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Lmao I Married Toby Turner!


GIF Game

The 5th gif in your folder is your future spouse:


The 12th gif is your ex-bf/gf’s reaction that you’re getting married:

The 17th gif is how you’ll feel on your wedding day:

The 29th gif is your future child:

Oh god…I have one fucked up life XD

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Welcome to Platform 9¾

Dear People,

I am Jessica, I am 17 and very much so a geek. I love video games, and comics. If that isn't geeky enough, I do Graphic Arts club, and Drama club. If that also isn't enough for you, I Love Harry Potter, I also am a Vampire expert, oh and a Zombie one too! When I say Vampires I mean the real ones, the ones that will use you to get something for themselves, not fall in love with your sue-character((Bella Swan)) and have strange babies. Because we all know Vampires are steril.

Signed, RawrxxItsxxJess A.K.A Jessica

P.S: If you're still not convinced that I am a total nerd, I cosplay and go to cons. ;)

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